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Yan Sim has reviewed over a thousand resumes as a Career Advisor at Brown University, and has received offers and interviewed at companies such as McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Google & Warby Parker. He's interviewed over 200 candidates to hire for his own teams and can share an insider's view on getting that coveted job.

Personally, he has interviewed at most of the top firms in Management Consulting, Banking and Startups and uses this experience to help clients succeed. He now runs the distribution operation for a $300M e-commerce company and is responsible for 150 people. Previously, he worked in strategy consulting for a number of years, serving Fortune 50 tech companies like Microsoft, GE and Amazon. He also ran recruiting and operations for a $20M consumer products company and a venture-backed e-commerce startup in New York City.

Yan graduated from Brown University with honors in Biomedical Engineering and Economics and was the recipient of the Exxon Mobil-Singapore Economic Development Board Scholarship.


Companies I've interviewed with


This anonymized resume belongs to a client targeting a marketing associate job. I'd like to give you a sense of the kind of transformation a resume undergoes when you work with me through the stages of understanding the target job, cleaning up the format, reviewing each work experience to bring out context and impact, and finally polishing up all technical components of the resume. Below these two versions you'll see the thought process that is the backbone of the transformation.

Original Client Resume

Final Resume

The strategy and thought process

Here is the thought process behind each bullet point - where I list questions I would ask the client and based on responses in an interview, we shape the final outcome.




Clarify your aspirations & challenges


Generate a list of specific jobs

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Resume Crafting

Tailor your resume for your jobs


Connect with the right people

Interview Prep

Strategize for each interview


Through applying for the most competitive firms in the world, I've learned and systematically applied the most effective techniques and strategies to succeed. The firms that I've honed my process at, such as McKinsey and Goldman Sachs, interview 1 out of every 40 applicants (2.5%) and extend offers to only 10% of that subgroup - giving odds of 1 out of 400 (0.25%) for getting a job. When the odds are so small, every bit matters.

The job application process has the following phases:

  • Setting the target - Honing in on exactly what jobs to apply for
  • Finding a foothold - Getting an in with the firm through a personal referral (whether you know someone at the firm or not)
  • Laying the foundation for selection - Communicating clearly and often with multiple people on the target team to convey your interest and capability of doing the job through crafting relationships
  • Creating a superb first impression - Sharing a resume that conveys your best in the first 10 seconds to entice the firm to spend more time with you. This phase is characterized by "telling" as much as "showing"
  • Fueling the fire once there is traction - Ensuring your resume continually reveals more about the depth of your experience. We now shift towards "showing" i.e. demonstrating your experience rather than saying you have the qualities they are looking for
  • Aligning with the company's culture & job needs - Through the interview, asking the right questions and checking each requirement box through telling compelling stories that illustrate your experience
  • Closing the deal - Once you have proved that you're the right person for the job, negotiating the best offer and setting you up for the best start at the job by setting the right expectations


"Yan helped me with my application and interview process for consulting, and has since then been an awesome career advisor and confidante. Before I met Yan, I had hardly ever practiced personal or case interviews.

By the end, Yan got me to a place where I felt confident with any interview, and helped me land offers from McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group! I seriously wouldn't have been able to land those offers without him."

- Yuri T. (Received offers from McKinsey & BCG)

"Yan did a great reformat on my resume, I was under the gun and I needed to highlight some areas and even though I put him in a pinch he knocked it out in a very timely manner so that I could get it sent in. He's definitely a game changer."

- Jason M. (Applying to military position)

"Yan is OUTSTANDING at what he does. He responded quickly and he was knowledgeable in the field I was applying in. He made what could have been an average or plain resume SHINE!

He made it look fabulous without adding superfluous or untrue information. He listened to what I wanted on my resume, while at the same time keeping it professional and polished. I'd hire Yan again in a heartbeat (in fact, I hired him again today)."

- Kristen F. (Received offer from Logistics Company)

"I am transitioning within the engineering industry and sought Yan's help in building up my resume. Yan was extremely thorough and attentive. He imparted a wealth of advice and recommendations on how to present my skills and experience to my target employers. Furthermore he helped me present a person, not merely focusing on my work experience.

- Paraic O. (Applying to materials science position)



Building real relationships with people (that includes hiring managers & recruiters) is something I pride myself on. I do my homework and use that to convey that I'm the right person for the job even before the interviews start.

I did this with this the Boston Consulting Group and other firms, and can help you do the same.